Your Real Estate Business SUCKS, Because No One KNOWS YOU!
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$1 Million In A Few Emails.

Today, I can write a few emails... and have $1 million wired to my bank.

But it wasn’t always this way.

There's one thing to keep in mind:

Times have changed. 

This isn't the 80's/90's anymore!

Trust and transparency is how I get my partners to listen and invest.

I need them to know me and like me!
Instead of hounding people down at conferences while trying to get your awkward pitch out in 30 seconds or less ...

It's better to attract partners like a magnet.  

Those FB groups and random seminars in Timbuktu are frankly not worth your time.

To REALLY shake a room and ignite investors...

Go out in the field and DOCUMENT your SKILLS!

I focus on sharing the ins and outs of my local market and benefits of investing with me and finally BEING an investor - which is something your potential partners want so badly! They just don't know where to start.

Through this approach, doors opened magically!

These money partners now come to me in hoards.

Sometimes I have to reject the oversupply of cash because we’re at capacity! 

(A good problem to have, I'll admit)

Attracting partners is all about one word: credibility.

Here’s The Reality Of Fundraising

Well… we’re currently in the greatest transfer of wealth.

Just looking at the market and how insane it is:

  • Cost of living skyrocketing...
  • ​Housing prices LITERALLY doubling...
  • ​Wages remain stagnant...
  • Jobs being lost due to automation​

Unless you have hard assets to your books, you may as well be screwed.

Fortunately, not all hope is lost (in fact - huge opportunity)

Your goal to ensure your family’s wellbeing, yes?

Unless you’re a stock wizard that probably won’t happen on JUST your own dime.

That’s what I realized 12 years ago and since then bought and sold over 150+ properties.
All of this with NONE of my own money!

And I'll can show you how it’s done.

It’s time to level up and bring joint venture partners in your business.

Turn your phone into a money printer.

We're no longer living in 1985...

Time have changed, the market has changed in many ways.

Fundraising isn’t about showing up to meetings.

It’s not about having the eight pitch deck and clean cut suit.

I raise MILLIONS more than the average investor... and never even wear suits.

If You've Ever Said...

  • “ I live in the middle of nowhere!
  • ​“All my contacts feel sketchy…”
  • ​“I haven’t raised $1 let alone $1M”
It's time we boss up

My hometown isn’t LA or New York City.

There’s no Bugatti's rolling through my neighbourhood.

Regardless of my location, I was able to build a strong presence in the real estate world. 

You’ll learn how to share your experiences, and develop a voice worth listening to.

Will you become Grant Cardone overnight?

 Probably not.

Can you raise a few million to find projects and gain financial independence?


Actually, easily!!!

We’re going to shatter your limitations and take you to real estate fundraising heaven.

The question is — Are you ready to win?

Learn The A-Z Of Bringing Money In 💰

Here’s something I learned in my 12+ years of real estate investing:

There’s a million rivers that lead to the ocean.

It’s the same concept with getting capital for your real estate projects.

But that’s only the half of it… All the methods have one fundamental commonality.

You know what that is?

It’s all about finding your X.

Just like a treasure map, once you get the "X", everything falls into place.

We’ve done blogs, YT, word of mouth, literally everything from A-Z.

Once I found my X I went to $60 million in funds raised - and now it’s your turn.

You’re going to learn the fundamental commonalities that make partners run to you!

You’ll learn how to apply these marketing strategies in all of your marketing efforts…

So, if you're searching for money partners and FINALLY being a sophisticated investor - this is for you!

Learn The Strategies Mat Uses To Get Money Partners BEGGING To Invest With Him On Deals!