Want To Make TRUE Passive Income In Real Estate? Learn Fruitful Lending!

You've Been Lied To!

If you're like me, you believed that investing in rental properties and flipping could be passive.

Just "hire employees", they said ...

"Hire a property manager" ...

"And you're done! Now go chill on the beach!"

Heck, even I preached this business model!

But the more and more properties I added to my portfolio and the more projects and employees I took on - the more stress ALSO came on!

I had to work even harder to make MORE money in order to keep the train running!

You NEED More Out Of Life!

I've learned the secret to REALLY crush real estate is by having TRUE passive income that comes in every single month without even thinking about!

When you have 5K, 10K or even 20K coming in every single month, like clock work without tenants, toilets or headaches - it will be a game changer!

And not only for your business ...

But your mindset!!

Now You Can REALLY Grow Your Business ...

When you have this consistent and predictable SAFE income, it allows you to take more necessary risks to grow your business even further.

You can spend more on marketing and you can hire more employees because your base expenses are already covered before the month even starts.

This does something interesting to your mindset ...

You start living in abundance and feel untouchable!

At the time of making this course, I earn 25K every single month from private lending - without even thinking about it!

This pays for my social media managers salary, my project managers salary, my acquisition managers salary and ALL of the marketing to find motivated sellers to continue flipping more real estate.

Because of this large budget, I can OUTSPEND my competition and continue dominating even more while my competitors hide in fear WISHING they could grow their businesses.


They could NEVER spend as much as I do on monthly basis - which means I'll grow faster then them.

Which means I'll make MORE money.

Which means I can lend even MORE money.

Which means I'll make even MORE boring, passive income every month.

See how this cycle works?

But You Don't Have To Continue Growing, Just Chill!

Not interested in continuing to hustle like me?

You don't have to!

I'll show you how you can EASILY make an extra 5-20K per month for doing virtually nothing!

And if you want to semi or fully retire from this, good on you!

After learning what I'm going to show you, you'll be OBLIGATED to live your best life!

Once you get this knowledge and how easy it is, you can't go back!

I'll see you on the inside!

Course Curriculum


  • What Is Private Lending And Why Do It?
  • Private Lending VS Rental Properties
  • Why Don’t Investors Use The Banks? Why Use Your Money?
  • How To Calculate Interest Payments
  • ​How Much Interest Should You Charge?
  • ​Do I Need LARGE Amounts Of Money To Become A Private Lender?
  • ​Why And How To Use The Equity In Your House To Private Lend

Types Of Lending

  • 1st Mortgages Explained
  • 2nd Mortgages Explained
  • Promissory Notes Explained

How To Lower Your Risk

  • Invest In Something You Understand
  • Why A Track Record?
  • Local Area Investing
  • ​When Investing With A Newer Investor
  • ​Why Title Insurance?
  • ​Why Home Insurance?
  • ​How To Send Money To The Borrower Properly
  • ​Are They Using Their Money?
  • ​How To Register Directly On Title
  • ​Construction Draws

How To Choose Your Ideal Investment To Lend On

  • Know What You’re Looking For
  • Becoming A Niche Expert
  • Short Term Vs Long Term Goals
  • ​Non-Negotiables

How To Know What To Charge

  • Interest Rates
  • Charging Points/Fees
  • Charging MINIMUM Fees
  • ​What If The Investor Requires 100% Of Purchase Price AND Renos?

How To Find Investors To Lend To

  • Attracting Borrowers
  • Lending Through Mortgage Brokers

How To Analyze The Borrower

  • Social Proof
  • Previous Lenders
  • Credit Check
  • ​Experience and Specialty
  • ​Character

How To Analyze The Deal

  • 'Fool Proof' Buying Formula
  • The Comps
  • Location
  • ​Get An Appraisal

Team Members You Will Need (hidden on this page)

Foreclosure For Non Payment

  • What Do You Do?

Explaining The Contracts

  • 1st and 2nd Mortgage Contracts Explained
  • 1st and 2nd Mortgage Editable Contract File ATTACHED
  • Promissory Note Contract Explained
  • ​Promissory Note Editable Contract File ATTACHED

Learn How To Private Lend Like Mat And Make 10-17% CASH ON CASH Returns On Your Money!